Emme Younce | Becoming Sessions

Emme Younce is a student at J. Frank White Academy and when she came in the studio for her Becoming Session, our jaws nearly dropped to the floor over this girl’s wardrobe! Well that and her supermodel looks. Seriously, she looks like she belongs in a J. Crew catalog!

Her sister, Caroline, just did her senior pictures this summer and Emme didn’t want to wait three more years for hers! This was a fun way to get a few pictures now, while still saving the full senior experience for that special year.

So glad you loved your pictures Emme!

Hair and Makeup by Brooke Hendrick

Sarah McAffry specializes in senior, family and wedding photography in the Knoxville, TN and surrounding East TN areas. Use the contact button above or email info@sarahmcaffry.com for booking inquiries. 


Audrey Lonas | Becoming Sessions

Before I had my own blondies, she was my first muse. My niece Audrey spent lots of time in front of my camera when I first began to fall in love with photography. Having her in the studio for the Becoming Sessions was such a blast. What you’ll see is her beauty, but those who know her will see what’s behind her beautiful face – a beautiful heart. She is such a good girl and is smart and athletic. She’s everything you want your daughter to be.

These Becoming Sessions have a huge piece of my heart. The teenage years are so important in a girl’s life and I hope these pictures show them just how beautiful they are!

Sarah McAffry specializes in senior, family and wedding photography in the Knoxville, TN and surrounding East TN areas. Use the contact button above or email info@sarahmcaffry.com for booking inquiries.

We released another date for February Becoming Sessions and have only three spots left! More details HERE! 

Melissa Lonas

Thank you so much Sarah!! Absolutely LOVE the smiling ones too…we love you and God has blessed u to be a fabulous phorographer!

So glad you all love them. :)

Karen and Sarah Carcello | Senior Pictures

Karen and Sarah Carcello are absolutely the sweetest girls around. They are both seniors and will be starting UTK in the fall. When I heard that they volunteer every week at Knoxville Children’s Hospital, that said it all. They have hearts of gold.

Sarah loves the urban, downtown look and Karen loves the natural field setting, so we did BOTH! Their outfits from Josie’s boutique were just perfect, and the last sister picture at the end of the post will probably be one of my all-time favorites. I love capturing natural, candid moments like that! Thank you to Brooke for their beautiful, soft makeup that let these girls’ beautiful hearts shine in the pictures!

Wardrobe by Josie’s Boutique

Hair and Makeup by Brooke Hendrick

Sarah McAffry specializes in senior, family, and wedding photography in the Knoxville, Tennessee and surrounding East TN areas. Use the contact form above or email info@sarahmcaffry.com for booking inquiries.


Alison Saylor | Halls High School

Alison Saylor and I have been friends since her photo shoot last year, and when we started talking about her senior pictures, we knew we wanted to do something a little different this time around. When she came in for her consultation, we had so much fun playing with outfits that we knew we were bound for success!

This January afternoon was beautiful. It was a bit warmer so we could feel most of our fingers and toes as the sun warmed the skyline. We stalked Free People’s website before heading out on location to inspire the bohemian vibes we were envisioning, and the end result was AMAZING!!

We went to my favorite field as the sun set for the most beautiful golden light before heading to my backyard to set off smoke bombs. Yes I said it: SMOKE BOMBS!! We probably scared all the neighbors, but it was worth to go out with a bang on this photo shoot.

Update: Only 2 openings remain in March for Class of 2015 Senior Pictures!

Sarah McAffry specializes in senior, family and wedding photography in the Knoxville and surrounding East TN areas. Use the contact button above or email info@sarahmcaffry.com for booking inquiries.


Saying No in 2015

I love this fresh way of entering a new year. January 1 may have passed, but I’m still knee-deep in reflecting on the past year and dreaming about the year to come. I was inspired by my friend Casey’s post who was inspired by Lara Casey’s original post. Why make a list of all the things we want to change and add and check off before we first consider the things we’ve done in the past that need to be cut? I have quite a few things I’ll be letting go of in 2015.

Getting Ready in the Morning

Since Charlotte was born, mornings have been a challenge for me. We don’t get up super early in our house. Okay, I confess, we usually wait until the kids are awake before our feet hit the floor. Trying to get showered, fix my hair, get makeup on, feed and dress everyone was just too much. The kids were always fussing while I was trying to maneuver the steaming curling iron in a way that was out of their reach. It was pretty much a disaster every morning. I’m not sure what took so long, but I found a simple solution a few weeks ago. Now, I get ready at night. Instead of showers I choose piping hot baths while I sip on some wine or hot chocolate. Because I’m away from the TV and computer, I choose to read and pray instead of getting lost in mindless entertainment. It has been the perfect way to wind down and end the day at peace. Ask my friends, I’m pretty passionate about bath time and think everybody should try it. No really, it’s life changing.

Making Excuses for an Unhealthy Life

I spent the last half of the year making excuses about my health. It was a super busy season for me (yay for that!), and I found myself running to get fast food at 3PM after realizing I didn’t eat lunch. Exercise? It wasn’t even on my radar. I remember foolishly thinking as a 25 year old training for a half-marathon that I would never be the person who didn’t exercise. I love running, I said to myself. I loved how strong and powerful it makes me feel, and I’ll never choose to sit on the couch in stead of exercise. I kind of want to go back and punch that girl. 2014 was an amazing year for me spiritually, emotionally and relationally, but my physical body was not in the same place. I’m vowing to say no to excuses in 2014. I will treasure the body God has given me, and I will not complain about the features I don’t like.

Letting Work Run My Life

There were too many days that I said yes to others and said no to my family. I had too many 12 hour days, early mornings and late nights. I said yes to meetings that actually weren’t at a good time for me. I missed dinner and bed times and will be making some serious schedule changes this year. One of the great advantages of being a business owner is getting to set your own schedule. Last year I let it run me.

Reality TV

It’s always been a guilty pleasure, and I’ve already had several break ups with The Real Housewives. It’s not the worst thing on TV – okay, it’s pretty bad – but it’s more about what it keeps me from doing: going to bed on time, reading, praying, spending time with Andrew. I really do miss Lisa and Yolanda – no, really – but I’m choosing better things than getting absorbed in the lives of the rich and famous of Beverly Hills this year.

What about you? What didn’t work for you in 2014? What do you need to cut from your schedule? What do you need to say no to in order to say yes to something even better? I’m excited to share more about what I’ll be saying yes to in 2015!

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