Charlotte’s First Birthday Party

So the truth is that I had so much fun planning my wedding that I’m a little sad I don’t get to plan another one – to the same guy of course :)  Unknowingly, I kind of transferred my wedding obsession onto Charlotte’s first birthday party.  There was even a Pinterest board dedicated to all the DIY crafty inspiration.  This is going to be ridiculous.  I know this.

When we happened upon this picnic area at Norris Dam State Park and I saw this beautiful evening sun, nobody could talk me out of it no matter how hot the weather.

I had a vision of a colorful DIY pennant banner hanging from these two trees.  I lucked out that the length was just right.

What one-year-old’s birthday party would be complete without a few toy baskets spread around?

The toy baskets just didn’t look complete without a little accessory :)  The fabric scraps from the banner were a last minute addition.

Anybody else have a jar of buttons laying around?  So glad I kept up with them to make this framed button monogram.  It’s now my favorite thing in her room. 

The whole scene :)

A wedding favor favorite, the candy table was a hit for the kids – and for Andrew.

Couldn’t resist the pun.

The centerpieces doubled as favors for the little girls – ribbon rosettes looked like flowers (okay, maybe drooping flowers) growing out of the wheatgrass.

Thank you Sassy Cakes of Knoxville for the perfectly delicious chocolate raspberry cake!

The key to staying on a budget for a DIY birthday party- use your scraps.  The leftover ribbon from the rosettes became the decor for the highchair.  

The best part was that Charlotte soaked up every minute of her special day.  She totally knew it was for her.

Because of her obsession with balls, one of the toy baskets was dedicated just to that.  And she found it and immediately started screaming “BALL!”  You know if you’ve ever met her why that’s in all caps.

I’m imagining this is her dreamland  – all her best buddies and every ball she owns in one place.

Everybody looks pretty fresh here.  This must have been before the 95 degree heat settled in :)

The frozen grapes on a stick were refreshing for young and old alike.

Mama Ese came ready to party and spent most of her time playing with the kids on the quilts.

Just to remind myself how awesome my dad is – he slaved over the hot grill preparing the hotdogs.  He’s a good one.

The pictures don’t lie – she was this happy the whole time. 

The new feature photo in Mama Ese’s collection – this was her 90th birthday gift.

The girls :)

And the cake.  With my genes there was never a doubt that she would be a fan of sweets.

She made that very clear as she destroyed her smash cake.

Giving Dada a sweet, sugary “wah.”

I’ll admit, I ate the cake leftovers for about a week after the party.

I guess it’s obvious now – these two make me one happy woman.

I’m just lucky they let me be a part of the special bond they share.  


Thanks to Andrew for sitting at the picnic area to claim our spot and for dealing with my craziness.  Thanks to Mom and Rachel for the late-night crafting help.  Thanks to Leah Teague of Flourish Floral Design Studio for your ideas and for the Hobby Lobby date.  Thank you to all of our amazing friends and family for braving the heat to celebrate this special day with us.  I’m so thankful Charlotte is covered with love from each of you.  


I so much adore this that I may have to share it on my page. This is fabulous. Your an adorable mother, happy 1st year to you and your precious family!

Saxon Bolton

Everything turned out so great! Charlotte is precious.

What an AMAZING party!!! You did such a fantabulous job with decorating AND capturing it too. What a blessed little girl she is to have such great parents and friends. The button C is so adorable too. :)

I had Mason’s first birthday party at Norris Dam State Park as well! We had it in the campground as we had a group of campers for the weekend! Although my decorations weren’t as cute as yours, it’s an amazing place!


Where did you get the invitations? Did you make them? I LOVE them and would love to use for my sweet girls birthday party.

I purchased the pennant banner clipart from etsy here. Then I designed the rest in Photoshop and ordered 5×7 cards. Hope this helps!


I just wanted to tell you that your pictures are beautiful and so is your family. I stumbled upon your page while looking for directions to make high chair decorations for my sweet daughter’s first birthday party. Your pictures, and your comments, truly made me tear up. I hope that my baby girl’s birthday party is as perfect as yours was!

Megan! Thank you so much :) I’d love to see pics from your party. Post a link!

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