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How to Photograph Kids in front of the Christmas Tree

Now that the studio is all Christmas-ified (thanks to my favorite Flourish Floral Design Studio), I thought I’d give a quick tutorial about how to photograph kids in front of the Christmas tree.  Here are a few tips.

1. If you want all those pretty blurry lights in the background, put your subject several feet in front of the tree.  The tendency is to put them right next to the tree, but that doesn’t create enough depth of field.  If you have a DSLR, put it on the AV setting and lower the number (aperture in technical terms) as far as it will go to get the most bokeh (pretty blurry lights in non-camera speak).

2. Get down on the floor as low as you can.  I am seriously laying on the ground here.  That helps get some fun expressions too because Charlotte thinks it’s playtime.  And don’t try too hard for the smiley shot.  Sometimes the other ones are cuter anyway!

And just in case you can’t make it to the studio in December, here’s a look at the Christmas decor.  I literally just pushed the shopping cart behind Leah at Hobby Lobby as she told me what we needed.

She had free reign here and somehow she knew what I wanted even more than I did.

These Pinterest inspired paper ornaments were so much easier than I thought they’d be.

I couldn’t get a close-up because it was so high, but the center pinwheel has one of Leah’s signature brooches.  I love the details!

Thanks to the Dollar Tree for the garland.

These $1 glass containers are sprayed with Krylon’s looking glass spray paint.  Fancy looking, huh?

Leah, I know you’re in high demand for your Christmas decorating skills, so thanks for spending your whole day here!