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No More Hangers

A few weeks ago I was adding a new shirt (or three) to my closet and realized that I had no hangers.  As in they were all full.  I have always tried to empty out a trash bag full of stuff to donate several times a year to create more space, give me the necessary empty hangers, and allow me to continue buying.  But this time I didn’t have anything to get rid of.  I actually wear most everything in my closet which left me no empty hangers.  I resorted to laying my new things across the top shelf until I could buy a new pack of hangers.  But I never got around to it.  Some tiny little thing inside kind of felt sick about buying even more hangers to fill my already stuffed closet.

I was chatting with Leah a few weeks ago who decided in September to forgo buying any clothes for a year unless it was with a gift card or from a thrift store.  Whoah!  Yikes!  Seriously?!  A whole year?  That’s impressive.  And you’ve already made it three months?  There’s no way I —

—Fast forward a few weeks and you guessed it, I’m taking the challenge.  One entire year, starting January 1, 2012 ending December 31, 2012, with no new clothes shopping unless it’s with a gift card or from a thrift shop.  Seeing that I don’t have the gift Leah has of finding amazing deals at thrift shops, I’m likely stuck with my two gift cards from Christmas for the entire year.  $25 at Kohl’s and $25 at Marshall’s.  I’m planning to hoard them for a few months because my only chance at more gift cards is 11.5 months away ;)  I spent the last two weeks ruminating on this challenge, wondering whether it was worth it.  I mean, I don’t shop that much anyway, right?  I’m pretty thrifty, too.  And never go into debt over it.  What real difference would it make?  After realizing how many excuses I was creating, I had my answer.  So my challenge began today.  And I didn’t even do a last minute shopping trip yesterday.  I must celebrate the small victories :)

I should mention one really important disclaimer: If you check my twitter bio, you’ll see I’ve been on the search for the perfect pair of jeans pretty much my whole life.  If I do find them, they’re mine – gift card or not :)