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Knoxville Habitat for Humanity Blitz Week 2013

It was such a joy to spend time at the Knoxville Habitat for Humanity Blitz Week 2013 with my tool of choice – a camera.  They wanted coverage of day one of building seven houses in seven days, so assistant Cassidy and I hit the pavement and snapped away.  I barely turned in the subdivision before I hopped out to take a picture of the mountain view, such a beautiful frame for Silver Leaf Community.  All I could hear was the symphony of hammers pounding, and I immediately knew I was in for a blessing.  It’s inspiring to be a part of an event like this, surrounded by people who are willing to sacrifice their time and resources for these deserving families.  All of the volunteers were focused on their task, but most were willing to flash me a quick smile or wave.  Thanks to each of you for allowing me to interrupt your important work for a quick photo!  Purchase prints here.