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It’s Worth It

An excerpt from my wedding welcome packet…

Some couples find the wedding planning process to be enjoyable. More often than not, though, couples experience stressful moments while discussing the guest list, planning wardrobe for the engagement session and deciding what style of music to play at the reception. These are important decisions. But they will not determine the success of your wedding day. Or your marriage for that matter. You do.

Make the promise right now, before moving a single step further, that though there will be discussions, even arguments, you will not lose sight of what matters most. Joining two families into one. Joining two hearts into one.

Many view this as a reason to elope and eliminate all of the challenges that planning a wedding entail. But I think there is no better way to prepare for a lifetime together than by learning to comporomise and sacrifice for one another.

You have been told it’s not going to be easy. You know that.

But I want to make sure you know why it’s worth it.

When you climb in bed at night and find that your head rests perfectly on his chest, you will know it’s worth it.

When you lose a family member and he grieves with you like he has lost one of his own, you will know it’s worth it.

When you see him standing over your first-born clutching his hand to his chest as if his heart might burst, you will know it’s worth it.

When you are rushing out the door and he hands you a brown bag full of lunch that he knows you won’t make time for otherwise, you will know it’s worth it.

When it gets tough, lean in, do the hard work and remember it’s worth it.