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To My Daughter at Five Years

It’s been a big year for our one and only girl. Charlotte started Kindergarten and got a new big brother literally on the same day. That’s a lot of change for a five year old to handle.

I knew all along that disrupting birth order would be a challenge for her, but it’s been so good to see her stretch and grow through it. She is still the spunky, feisty, strong-willed girl she’s always been, but she’s learning how to be a sweet big sister to Brooksie as she watches Johnny in the big brother role.

Getting girl time is crucial for us. A few nights ago we had an impromptu at home spa night and she is still talking about it. The middle child syndrome is a real thing and it takes work to make sure she isn’t lost in the middle.

Running wild and free at Mimi and Papaw’s house is good for her soul. It’s her favorite place to be. Well, that and in front of my camera. We were meant for each other.

Charlotte Mae,

You’re the strongest girl I know, and I pray the world doesn’t take that away from you.

Watching you confidently grab the microphone to pray in front of all the kids at church might be my favorite thing you’ve ever done. You don’t have one ounce of fear in your body, and I pray you let God use you for great things.

We are worlds apart in personality types, but one of my parenting goals is to let you be who you are. Not who I am. Because a big part of me just wants to be like you.