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Rethinking Location

One thing I’ve learned while creating portraits over the last eight years is that location is actually the last thing you need to worry about. You might not believe me, but hear me out. This place will change the way you think about location.

For some reason, location is typically the first thing our clients ask about, but there are plenty of more important things that need to be dealt with first. As long as you have a good lighting, your photographer should be able to make any location look good! Really!

One of my favorite spots is actually a field right beside a grocery store. I usually warn my clients before we show up that it’s the location they see in most of my pictures and that they have to trust me. It’s usually a little dirty and always grown up and unkempt and that’s just the way I like it. The interstate literally runs right behind it. The trees behind the field cover it just enough.

I guess it’s a strange location to love, but the thing I love the most is the light in this field. The sun sets in just the right spot and creates that magical golden light for me every time. People now know to look for me there because I use it so much. When they see a girl in Hunter boots standing on a ladder, they know it’s me!

I’m always on the lookout for the perfect location and sometimes have to remind myself to pay attention to the road and not all the fields beside it. But really, as long as you find a spot with the lighting you love, any old field will do.

Augusta Rentenbach is a Class of 2017 senior at Knoxville Catholic High School. She placed in the Top 5 in the Miss Iris TN Teen competition, but even better than that, she has served her community so well. She raised money for the Children’s Miracle Network and lobbied for Alzheimer’s Tennessee at our state capitol. Augusta exudes grace and goodness and what an honor to document her senior year!

Knoxville Photographer Sarah McAffry is one of the most sought after photographers in the area. Seniors have traveled from hundreds of miles away (even as far as Georgia, Mississippi, Texas, and Louisiana!) for their photo shoot with Sarah.

Our seniors rave about their Senior Portrait experience. For many, going in front of the camera is a scary, vulnerable thing. We specialize in making everyday, normal people feel and look like confident models. It’s an experience you will not forget!

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