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Five Keys to Shopping at StateMint

Does your wardrobe need some major updating? Maybe your body size has changed, maybe you need a work wardrobe overhaul or maybe you’ve just never invested in yourself. StateMint can change that! Revolutionize the way you shop and find jaw-dropping prices on the brands you love.

If you’ve never shopped a consignment event before, there can be a bit of a learning curve. These five tips will help you!


Schedules are hectic and something like shopping is usually the lowest priority, but with StateMint only occurring twice a year, it needs a higher spot on that priority list. Mark your specific shopping times on your calendar so nothing else bumps it off the list. Carve out as much time as you can because shopping 15,000+ items takes time.


You might usually be a medium, but in some brands/fits/styles you can go up or down in size. Don’t miss out on incredible deals because you’re missing them on the other size racks.


We try to have enough of the IKEA blue bags on hand for all shoppers, but at peak shopping hours they will all be in use. All of the clothing items are pinned to the hangers, so as you shop you’ll be taking the hangers with you. Some people bring laundry baskets and totes to carry their haul as they move through the aisles.


With 15,000+ items on the racks, it is impossible to see everything on day one. You’ll find amazing deals on the most sought-after brands on day one, but if you shop on days two and three, you’ll find it easier to see the items as the racks won’t be quite as full. The most successful StateMint shoppers visit 2-3 times per event and leave with armfuls every time.


One of my favorite stories out of all of our StateMint shoppers has been a mom who brought in a collage from Pinterest that she used to inspire her outfits. She found items to fill each one and left with a new wardrobe that gave her ten complete outfits. This takes time and intention. If you just have 30 minutes, you can run in and find a few cute pieces. But if you have an hour or more, you really have time to create major change in your wardrobe and put together outfits at an unbeatable price. Also, make sure to visit the shoes, handbags, and jewelry areas to put the finishing touches on your looks.

Bonus Tip: Shop the men’s rack too!

I have a feeling I will regret telling you this one, but I love shopping the men’s racks for oversized, loose t-shirts, flannels and sweaters. Just make sure you save some for me!!

Keep up with shopping dates and times HERE! Follow @statemintstyle on Instagram for sneak peeks!