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The Single Key to Success

When I left my teaching career in 2011, I said goodbye to the predictable salary and job security that came with it.

I had no idea the challenges I would face as a business owner, eventually supporting a family of five as a single income family, but now, six years later, I can look back with such clarity.

This year as we are booking out months in advance at the studio, I can look back at six years worth of hard work and see one of the keys to my success.

In addition to answered prayer and blessings from above, the bottom line is this – failure was never an option.

I’m not saying this out of selfish ambition or a boastful spirit. Failure wasn’t an option because my family depended on it.

And failure definitely happened along the way.

I launched several initiatives that flopped. I started some things that took off, but that I never enjoyed. I had to end things that were successful for business but bad for family life.

For many entrepreneurs, especially in the creative world, failure IS an option.

Businesses are started as little side-jobs after hours or on the weekend, and they never get the full attention they deserve.

Businesses are started just for fun, to make a little extra income, to see where it goes.

If that is your ultimate goal? Embrace that and maybe you’ll happen upon success.

But if your goal is to go for it, to go all in, and to give it everything you’ve got, it might be time to remove the safety net.

I recommend praying it over first, talking it through with the people in your life and if you’re ready, make success your ONLY option.

Failure is sure to happen along the way, but it is never the end of the story.

Pick yourself back up, click refresh and give it another go.

Decide for yourself that success IS your only option.