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Fall Photo Tips

Who else wakes up and looks out the window first thing to see if the leaves are changing? Surely it’s not just me.

Fall is peak time for photos in East Tennessee, and I’ll be honest, I thought we weren’t going to get any fall color this year. But it’s finally starting!

Here are some tips I shared on Fox Mornings last week. I hope they help you capture your family in this gorgeous season!

1. Shoot in morning or afternoon.

It’s never a good idea to photograph people when the sun is straight overhead. I always opt for early morning or late afternoon for the best lighting. It’s softer on skin tones and that’s when you’ll capture that gorgeous golden light.

2. Shoot backlit with the sun coming through the leaves.

Put the sun behind your subject and you’ll capture those circle of light known as bokeh. Bonus tip: make sure your subject is a good distance in front of the leaves to make that happen! Otherwise the leaves will all be in focus as seen in the next picture.

3. Move your subject right up beside the leaves.

If you really want to show off the colorful leaves, move your subject right up to them so they’ll be crisp, sharp and in focus.

4. Spread the leaves on your quilt.

One of my favorite tips for photographing kids is to put them on a quilt. It usually stabilizes them and keeps them from running around too much – emphasis on USUALLY! Make sure to spread some leaves on your quilt so they’re not hidden beneath it!

5. Get some wide angle landscape shots.

Scoot way back and capture some landscape shots with a wide angle. Close-ups are important but you want to see the beauty of the season too.

6. Capture the leaves on the ground.

Even when the leaves have all fallen to the ground, they make a beautiful backdrop for tight close-ups like this. You’ll want to be close to your subject’s face to execute this one well.

7. Celebrate by throwing the leaves!

Whether your photo shoot was a success or a failure, make sure to end on a high note! Let the kids all grab a pile of leaves and toss them in the air to celebrate. Just make sure they don’t also grab a pile of dead grass. Sorry about that, Mimi!

Did you find these tips helpful? Send us a quick email to let us know! If you’d like to learn more, sign up for Camera School and get five hours of details, hands-on instruction.

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