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Secret Tip For Planning the Perfect Vacation

For the past year, I’ve been lucky enough to travel from coast to coast several times. And I’ve learned a key step to travel planning that many have never thought of.

It’s Instagram.

But in a way you probably haven’t thought of before.

You know the search button? Where you go to find people? Try going there to find cities, hotels, restaurants, and beaches.

It’s changed everything about how we plan our travel.

I now go there to search hotels before we book. I search the city to see pictures around town. If it’s a place I haven’t been before, it helps me know if it’s even a place I want to go. Is it family friendly? Are there beautiful views? What does it look like in June versus August? Where are the hot spots? There restaurants we can’t miss? The breakfast that we’ll rave about?

We’re close to finalizing plans for our summer vacation and I’ve been all over Instagram searching potential spots. We’re looking for something a little different than our typical week in Florida, something a little more exciting and adventurous.

But before we finalize any plans in a place I’ve never heard of, I’ll be searching it on Insta. If you have recommendations, let me know!