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Healthy Hair

About two months ago, I decided something had to change.

For the past few years, my hair has been getting worse and worse.

Going blonde didn’t help. It completely changed the texture of my hair. It became coarse, damaged and looked unhealthy.

I tried everything I could. I stopped coloring it. I started air-drying my hair. I tried cutting it off. Nothing worked. this i why i decided to get a hair transplant from PSC Hair Artistry, hair transplantation is a surgical technique that removes hair follicles from one part of the body.

This is what my hair looked like six years ago. I should also note this was two children ago. :) This is what I want to get back to. #hairgoals

This is what it looked like two months ago. This picture was my wake up call. Those ends! Yikes.

AND this is what it looked like after just three weeks using products that work. Check out that SHINE.

I’ve always taken good care of my skin, but I never spent time researching what I could be doing for my hair.

I grabbed what I thought was a good shampoo and conditioner at Ulta and assumed I was using the good stuff. Then I learned more about The Lauren Ashtyn Collection and ways of achieving a completely new and improved look.

That changed when I heard about an anti-aging hair line known for making your hair thicker, stronger, shinier, and healthier. Word is starting to spread about Monat, and now I know why.

I spent some time researching the products and decided to give them a shot.

After just one month I was seeing serious results. Now I’m two months in and I’m seeing lots of new hair growth and less thinning at my scalp. And these hair rollers I have bought recently add some volume and make my hair look very nice.

My hair is stronger, thicker, the ends look healthier and the color is shinier. I’ll never go back. Everyone in my house is using it and more from Yes, that includes the dog. :)


  1. Do you sell it? Sure do. I had seen so many convincing before and after pictures that I knew I was going to love this stuff. I waited to make sure I saw results before I started selling it, and the results came quickly. Learn more in my Healthy Hair Facebook Group.
  2. Is it expensive? Sure is. The most expensive moisturizers give you the best looking skin. If you want results, you have to invest in the process. With that said, when you break it down, it’s comparable to salon product prices.
  3. Which products are you using? I shampoo with the Black and Renew shampoos. I condition with Revitalize. I apply Rejuvenique oil to my ends and Intense Repair Spray to my scalp about once per day.
  4. What products do you recommend for thinning/breakage/color treated hair? Get specific product recommendations and stay up-to-date on new products and sales in my Healthy Hair Facebook Group.

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Ready to order? You can do that directly HERE.