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The Real Reason I’m Leaving the Studio

About a year ago, I started feeling God stirring something in my heart. I spent weeks, maybe even months trying to ignore it. Leave the studio? That’s crazy. It’s everything I ever wanted. Everything is working so well. Why change it?

By the world’s standards, business is great. It’s growing. It’s booming. It’s a success. It’s everything I could hope for.

Why mess with a good thing? A great thing? Why walk away from something that is working?

These are the doubts and questions that have filled my mind for months.

But God isn’t limited by these things. He isn’t defined by the world’s standards of success.

He is bigger than the world’s standards. He is bigger than whatever logical business decisions I might make.

It looks months of leaning in, listening close, and opening up to His plan for me to hear it clearly.

My heart is being drawn home.

I can hardly write the words without tears.

My heart is being drawn home.

I find myself longing to bake again, that long lost hobby of mine that I used to enjoy.

I find myself longing to meet my kids at the bus stop with an after school snack.

I find myself longing to drive them all over town to all of their activities.

After surrendering to God’s leading, my heart changed and the thing He was leading me to became the thing my heart was longing for.

The goal isn’t growth, success, achievements, more more more.

The goal is to scale back, to slow down, to get by.

Nobody celebrates that. Our culture is always pushing for more, for bigger, for better, for goals and achievements.

And there’s nothing inherently wrong with that if God is guiding you there.

But after a year of God telling me the same thing, it’s clear that is not His agenda for me in this season.

I love Jesus more than my own agenda.

I’m repeating it like a refrain.

I love Jesus more than my own agenda.

When I doubt, when I question, I repeat.

I love Jesus more than my own agenda.

Success in our economy looks different than success in God’s economy.

This move might change everything. Will it be the end of it all? Will people still call? Will it change the way everyone thinks of what I do?


And I’m okay with that.

I don’t know exactly how it will all play out, but I’m taking the next best step because I love Jesus more than my own agenda.

Thank you for following along through another crazy leap of faith. I can’t say that they get easier each time, but I can say that I have full confidence that God has prepared the way and will be with me every step.