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I don’t remember the doctor’s name or the diagnosis he gave me, but I’ll never forget the words he said as he looked at my x-ray. “The good news is you have childbearing hips.”

As a 5th grader, I don’t think I even knew what that meant, but I knew it wasn’t actually good news for me. It was the first time I remember being self-conscious about my shape. And it’s probably the reason I made a spreadsheet to check off the 300 crunches I made myself complete everyday in middle school.

Those few words set me on a path of body image issues for the next decade.

I must have tried on 100 pairs of jeans looking for the ones that make my hips look the slimmest. I studied exactly which shirts would give me the appearance of the right shape. I learned everything I could about choosing the best proportions for my body type.

Not only that, I was insecure, shy, and had zero confidence. Our body image doesn’t just affect how we feel about the way we look – it affects the way we interact with our world. It affects our feelings, our thoughts and our behavior.  And I spent all of my teen years feeling like this.

I don’t have to tell you that we live in a society that pressures women to look a certain way. You know this. You have lived this.

We’re all in the same boat here.

Only a handful of us actually look like supermodels and the rest of us are supposed to spend our lives beating our bodies into submission until we reach our next weight loss goal.

While the shape of my hips certainly hasn’t changed, thankfully the way I see them has. The world may not celebrate big hips, but I have learned to celebrate the body that God gave me – big hips and all.

You know what’s funny? I bet many people who know me wouldn’t even classify my hips in the “big” category. But that doesn’t matter one bit. What matters is the way I feel when I look in the mirror.

When you look in the mirror, do your eyes gravitate to that thing you hate? I get it. I’ve been there.

But we don’t have to stay there.

Make an effort to change your behavior today. Choose to see yourself in a new way. Pray that God will give you a fresh vision of yourself. Choose to embrace the girl looking back at you in the mirror, big hips, crooked nose and all.

I’ll join you. And I’ll be cheering you on. 

The Becoming Sessions were born out of an effort to resist the pressures of this world. The teen years are a formative time in all facets of life, but especially for body image.

The Becoming Sessions are an effort to push back against what society tells us, to write a new narrative for our girls.

They’re worth the effort. They deserve better than what the world offers.

The Becoming Girl Manifesto

The Becoming Girl chooses truth over the lies.

She boldly stands for what she believes in.  

She dances in the face of fear.

The Becoming Girls band together to fight the pressures of the world.

Because we are stronger together than we are alone. 

She is beautiful because she is clothed in grace. 

She knows she was made this way for a purpose.

She believes she is enough.

She is becoming who she was made to be. 

Each Becoming Session Includes: 

  • Age Appropriate Hair and Makeup Styling
  • Wardrobe Styling
  • Studio Photo Shoot
  • Gift Box to Open on Christmas Morning
  • $199

Do you know a tween or teen girl who would love an experience like this?

We recommend it for girls ages 10-16. We only have a few spots available and in the past these have SOLD OUT.

The $199 session fee includes hair and makeup, wardrobe styling, and an in-studio photo shoot with Sarah McAffry. All prints and products are purchased separately. Most spend at least $500 on their order. Contact for full product pricing.

Bring a friend and DOUBLE the FUN. Plus they’ll get bonus 5 images with their BFF for viewing at the order session!



We have limited spots open in January and February, and would love to treat your special girl to a potentially life-changing experience.

We will pour into her. Treat her. Lavish her. Speak words of life over her.

Kind Words: 

  •  This experience was so fun for us. Sarah knocked it out of the park making her feel comfortable in from of the camera and making it super laid back. – Carrie, Regan’s Mom
  •  This was such a confidence booster! – Melissa, Audrey’s Mom
  •  It was a huge reminder that she is fearfully and wonderfully made! – Andrea, Ashleigh’s Mom


When I decided to stop photographing weddings several years ago, I had no idea if I would have enough work to keep the studio going full time. All I knew was I couldn’t do weddings anymore.

Carrying my equipment around for 8+ hours at a time was wearing my body out. Working all weekend was wearing my family out. I knew I couldn’t keep going at that pace.

With a little more time on my hands, I started to focus on senior portraits. Little did I know how much working with graduates would light me up.

After working as a high school English teacher for 6 years, I knew I was drawn to teens. Something about that stage of life, with so much opportunity on the horizon, is magnetic. I love hearing their dreams and their plans for the future. They are full of so much hope.

Over the past few years specializing in senior portraits, I have found my passion. And it’s not just taking pictures of graduates.

It’s watching them transform in front of my camera.

From their first few minutes, usually a little shy and uncomfortable, to the end of their shoot when they’re owning every pose.

It’s seeing Mom tear up as she watches the slideshow, knowing it’s her last year with her baby.

It’s watching them choose their favorite pictures together, deciding which images will be on display in their home.

We walk through tender moments together as we plan and execute these photo shoots.

It’s about so much more than cute clothes and pretty makeup.

It’s a milestone to experience together.

We’ve had seniors say they have looked forward to their photo shoot for years. One sweet girl said she looked forward to it as much as she looks forward to her wedding day!

The weight of that is not lost on me.

Just a few weeks ago, I was honored to be named Knoxville’s Best Portrait Photographer for 2017 by Cityview Magazine.

Then last week I got a call from a senior in Louisiana who is coming all the way to Knoxville just for her senior pictures.

My jaw dropped to the floor.

We now have had grads travel all the way from Mississippi, Texas, and now two from Louisiana.

From an English teacher to a wedding photographer and now a portrait photographer, I’m so thankful for the paths He has led me to.

I will never get over it. Only God writes stories like this.