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Preparation is everything. Make your own Photo Shoot Emergency Kit with these 10 items, and cut out the stress during your photo shoot. Although some of these items are small, it can make a world of a difference for your shoot!

1. Water Bottle

A water bottle is a major key, especially if your shoot location is outdoors in the summer. I love S’well bottles because it keeps ice frozen in it for up to 12 hours!! This marble one is my favorite of their designs.

2.  A Straw

Any straw will do!. I highly recommend a straw to keep you hydrated during your shoot and so your lipstick doesn’t get messed up!

3. Your Fave Lip Color

You know what works on you, so bring what makes you look good AND feel good! My personal favorite is MAC lipstick in Driftwood. It’s the perfect pink-nude.

4. Hair Accessories

While your hair will probably be styled at the beginning of your shoot, you may want to switch it up for your last look. Hair ties are great for fast braids, messy ponies, etc. It’s important to make sure every shot doesn’t look the same and changing up your hair is a great way to get some variety.

5. Comfy Shoes

When moving from location to location, you may not want walk around in your best heels. We have been known to go to some crazy places to get the best shot! Bringing comfy shoes can make your journey from location to location much less treacherous than if you were in those 5 inch heels. These Tory Burch sandals are SO comfy.

6. Sentimental Accessories

If these are senior pictures or a becoming session, you  and your family will look back on these pictures for a long time. This is a great chance to get out the family heirlooms. Having sentimental accessories in your photos can give a picture a whole new meaning. Grandma will appreciate it too!

7.  The Right Undergarments

What’s the number one most forgotten thing at a shoot? Yup, you guessed it: proper bras and underwear! Make sure to pack a strapless bra, nude underwear, Spanx if necessary and even a backless bra like the picture above! This will save you from awkward poses and shots trying to conceal a neon bra with your beautiful backless maxi.

8. Blotting Papers

Tennessee summers are hot, and I mean HOT. These blotting papers will save your life. Goodbye, oil and grease and sweat. With these NYX Tea Tree blotting papers, your makeup will stay put and your face will stay dry.

9. A Healthy Snack

You never know how long a shoot could last, and faking a smile when hungry won’t make for the best experience. Pack your snacks! It’s not the time to go for chocolate, so choose things that won’t get messy. I love this Nature Valley popcorn bar. It makes for a quick snack that isn’t greasy.

10. A Backpack

Where would you carry all of this stuff? A rose gold backpack of course! This backpack from is SO cute. It’s definitely big enough to hold all of your photoshoot necessities.

Guest post by Emme Younce

Before you dive in to your senior year, take a minute to read these words of advice from our previous graduates. Follow these tips and get ready for the ultimate senior year – one you’ll never forget!

1. Don’t Wish It Away

It’s finally here. The day you have longed and wished for since beginning your journey through high school. All of the note-taking, studying, tests, and midterms are about to pay off. But this is a very special and important time, so don’t wish away this year! Put aside all of the negative thoughts you have about waking up for school each morning. Get up with a positive attitude and make everyday matter. Hangout with your friends at lunch, listen to your teachers and all the advice they have to give, go to your home football games and scream as loud as you can. Get your work done and remain focused on your goals for the year. Make memories with the people around you before everyone goes their own way.

2. Get Involved

Be the one who goes all out for homecoming week, dressing from head-to-toe in your school colors. And definitely go for the face paint too. Don’t be afraid to look ridiculous! Try out for the school play or the volleyball team to get involved with your classmates. Grab your camera and take pictures with everyone. Help your teachers, and check on them to see if they need any help around the classroom. Show your gratitude for the school that made you who you are today. Staying connected with your school community will help you build new relationships and strengthen your bond with your life-long friends.

3. Be Kind to Everyone

Years from now people won’t remember that you wore Free People or J Crew everyday, or that time you dyed your hair. What they will remember is how you made them feel! Be kind to everyone around you. Speak to the people you don’t normally hangout with. Sit with someone different at lunch. Give everyone a chance. Being a positive and encouraging person to those around you can change the atmosphere, not just for you but for them. You never know what someone is facing at home. If you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine. Open your heart to each person you come in contact with. This is what they’ll remember you for.

4. Spend Time with Your Parents

Whether you go hundreds of miles away or choose to stay close to home for college, spend time with your parents your senior year. Go to the movies with your dad or shopping with you mom. Don’t wait for them to extend the invitation. It can come from you too! Be grateful for all they have done for you. They may fuss about your messy room or your grade in Chemistry, but you’ll thank them later for the discipline and guidance they’ve given you over the years. They’ll be the ones you miss most next year!

Guest post by Madison Chapman

Knoxville Photographer Sarah McAffry is one of the most sought after photographers in the area. Seniors have traveled from hundreds of miles away (even as far as Georgia, Mississippi, Texas, and Louisiana!) for their photo shoot with Sarah.

Our seniors rave about their Senior Portrait experience. For many, going in front of the camera is a scary, vulnerable thing. We specialize in making everyday, normal people feel and look like confident models. It’s an experience you will not forget!

We are currently booking SUMMER Senior Sessions. Call or text 865-679-2287 or email for more details! Only a few spots left for summer!